ISO 9001

IT project management

IT project management is the controlling of processes and activities that are related to IT projects. An IT project is any that deals with IT infrastructure, information systems or business softwares. IT projects consist of 5 distinct but related stages. These stages are typically as follows:


The project goal is identified and the project is created. This is when the feasibility study is conducted to determine whether it is financially advantageous to undertake the project.


This is when every task required for each phase of the project is mapped out, and resources are appropriately allocated. It’s generally assumed that IT projects will need to be updated frequently, based on the development of new technology as well as changing priorities or unexpected dependencies. As such, IT project managers typically plan in cycles.


In this phase, the IT project manager leads the entire team through each step of the project plan. The end goal is the deliverable, whether it be a product or service.

4.Monitor and control

TechTarget explains that the IT project manager is responsible for monitoring and controlling the work to ensure it stays on time and within budget, as well as maintains quality and reduces risk.


This final stage ensures all work has been completed and approved, and ownership transfers from the project team to operations.